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In the last twenty years, the kitchen mixertap has evolved from a simple utility item to become an integral design statement in the British home.

At San Marco, we are proud to have grown and evolved within this culture of continual product development and quality enhancement, and have become the leading specialist supplier of mixertaps to the UK kitchens industry.

We differ from all other brassware manufacturers in that we posses a true focus on the UK market, and we only design and manufacture products to mett the individual style and technical requirements of our customers and their customers.

As a result, the range and breadth of products needed to meet this demand has grownover the years as consumers strive to match their own individual style with the requirement for a long lasting, quality product giving years of trouble free service in the kitchen.

Since the first introduction of San Marco products into the UK in 1984, we have innovated and developed many traditionally styled and contemporary mixertap products that continue to delight. Along the way, our innovation in style and manufacturing process have allowed us to patent many of our innovation and keep us at the forefront of the inustry.


Our team of designers at San Marco, create new product exclusively dedicated to meeting the requirements of the UK market. Utilising the latest CAD design and modelling technology, we are continually prototyping new exiting designs and innovation to help keep our customers in the front of the design trends.



At San Marco, we understand the balance between manufacture quality and cost competitiveness. As result of our 20 years production experience, we manufacture, polish and finish most of the component parts for our range of mixertap at our new modern facilities in Pray, Italy. Using the latest robots in the production of parts, we can assure you of exact specifications compliance every time.

Our in-house plating facility allows us to carefully ensure that the quality and finish of each product offers a luxurious surface finish free af any blemishes, whether it be Chrome, Brushed Steel, Gold or Bronze.

However, we also understand the limitations of technology and emply a dedicated team of quality inspectors, closely testing and individualyy checking each and every product to ensure that we will always delight our customers time again.



Due to our focus, San Marco has become the true specialist in the production of mixertaps designed and developed soley for the UK market. As a result, our products conform to WRAS standards.

All products are designed in accordance with UK Water Regulations and are manufactured to Wras or other applicable European standards. All products sholud be installed in accordance with WRAS regulations and Local Water Bye Laws.



Low water pressure is a common feature of the UK market, and this is an area that sets San Marco apart from many other manufacturers. Since we specialise in the supply of the UK market and understand the intricacies of the supply conditions, we work hard to ensure that as many of our products as possible will operate equally effectively under low or high pressure conditions. By doing this, we maximise your ability to sell the products to the widest possible audience, and minimise the incidence of disappointment where products can not be fitted.

However, some product designs are more suited to low water pressure conditions than others, so we have introduced an easy to understand guide to the pressure required to most effectively operate our kitchen mixertap products.

All  kitchen taps are individually tested with pressurised air to ensure perfect "air-tight" performance. Each and every tap is then fitted to a water testing facility to test the product in use at pressure up to 8 bar (80 metres head of pressure). This procedure measures the performance of the tap electronically at various water pressures to guarantee that all products leave our factory within our defined performance parameters and so that you can have the peace of mind that all products have been seen to work effectively before they are installed in any homes.

Our simple to understand guide to product performance and water pressure is shown next to each product throught this site. This will help make the correct choice of tap for the individual applications, a simple and trouble-free decision.

Suitable only for every high water pressure (above 2 bar)

Suitable for high pressure only (1.5 bar and above)

Suitable for high pressure only (1 bar and above)

Suitable for moderate water pressures (0.8 bar and above)

Suitable for low water pressure (0.5 bar and above)

Suitable for very low water pressures (0.3 bar and above)

Suitable for use at all water pressures



With our in house facilities, San Marco are well placed to provide excellent levels of product finishing and plate many product finisches to ensure a luxurious depth of colour. Finishes avaible include Deep Chrome, Brusched Nickel, English Gold, Antique Bronze and a full range of plain and granite colour finishes.



Comprensive 2-Year Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you should experience any defect in the materials or workmanship of your SanMarco mixer within 2 years of purchase, the purchaser's sole remedy shall be the replacement (at the manufacturer's discretion) of all or any part of the product that is defective. All working parts and valves are guaranteed for a period of 2 years from purchase. Decorative surface finisches and O-rings are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase provided that our advice concerning care has been observed and no scouring agents have been used. This is provided that the mixer or tap has been used for normal domestic purpose in the UK and that the care, installation and maintenance instructions have been observed.


Our policy is to continually improve and develop our products, and accordingly we reserve